Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mont Gaussier, Glanum near St. Remy-de-Provence

The Roman City of Glanum
This is a rather special walk for people that likes steep hights and airy views. It involved quite a few ladders, but it’s really no problems for average fit persons. It’s a good hike for those that don’t fancy looking at the town of Remy or the roman city of Glanum, while others could do just that. The hike could be as short as 1-2 hours, and this is only preliminary notes.

When you drive south from St. Remy towards Glanum, don’t park at the carpark on the right (for Glanum), but turn left at the same place (signs for the hospital) and park along the long hospital walls.

Follow the wall up to the top and turn left, and after a short while turn right into the fire road marked off this road. After 5 minutes, try to find the “ruins” of an old quarry and take the path that leads directly through this. It comes out again of the quarry and you are back on the same fire road again, going south, scattered with boards explaining the botanics of trees and flowers. In the middle of a long straight upwards path (say max. 10 minutes after the quarry), you see some small ruins of a roman dam on the right, very near the road. Here the real path begins, climbing straight up to the right.

Just follow this path all around the Mont Gaussier. It will first take you all the way to the very top, with fantastic views all the way. When you come down again on the opposite side of the mountain, keep left at first to avoid ending down on the main road (D5). Just keep to the mountain side all round and do a sharp left turning up again to get all the way to the ridge going straight south. Follow this ridge for a bit and you’ll join the fire road again taking you up to point where the GR6 crosses the main road (D5). Here you cross the road and follow the GR6 back to the car, passing a very nice lake on the way where you could take a swim.

Basic information:

Duration: 4h
Distance: 9 km.
Ascent: 250 m
Difficulty: Moderate (steep cliffs and ladders/chains)
Start/finish: St. Remy, by the hospital opposite Glanum

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