Useful Links and Local Hiking Groups

Useful links for finding walks:

Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre


Cimes et Falaises de PROVENCE par Christiane et Yves BIROT, 2019 Editions Glenat.
35 randonnees d'exception hors des sentiers battus.  -  Vraiment excellent !!!

Local hiking groups.

I normally hike together with my wife or on my own when I do photographical projects. The results of the latter can be seen on my web page:

New to us coming from Scandinavia, however, is the quantity of local hiking groups that exists in France. We joined the Cucuron group in 2005 and we still have great pleasure walking with them. It’s a very active group, with 2 walks every week, and here is the group’s web-page:

Joining a hiking group as a foreigner is also very useful as a means of getting closer to the local community, but perhaps first of all, to practice the language. I know there are hiking groups in Cabrieres d’Aigues, Pertuis and Lauris, but I am sure there must be plenty more of them in the Luberon. Contact your local tourist office. They will know.

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