Walk Descriptions

The walk descriptions are my notes of the route related to the map given under Basic information. You will therefore need the map and be able to read and understand maps in order to successfully do the walks. The maps I have made of the walks are just for making it easier for you to see the route. They are deliberately made in low quality for copy rights reasons. You will still need to buy a recent issued map and be able to read the map in order to follow the tour successfully.

Duration is given in hours and refers to the time taken to do the actual walking including breaks for water etc. Lunch break is not included, so normally you will need to add an hour for this, including a siesta!

Ascent is aimed at giving you an idea of how tough the walk really is. I add up the main upwards parts of the route; it’s not just the difference between the elevation at the start and the highest point of the walk.

The level of Difficulty is simply an indication for you to make it easier to compare walking terrains. It tells you nothing about the length of the walk, however, so you need to combine the Distance with Difficulty to get the full picture:

• Easy – a walk on fairly flat terrain and no navigational difficulties.

• Moderate – a walk with challenging terrain and often involving steep climbs.

• Demanding – a walk with difficult terrain and significant elevation changes (ascent). May involve challenging map reading.

The maps are easiest found in the local newsagent (Tabac) or at well stocked book stores in the major towns. Decantlon in Aix and Hyper U in Pertuis both stock a good range of walking maps.

No liability: This blog is primarily my private notes on walks I want to remember and would like to do again. I take no responsibility for errors in the walk descriptions or other errors in general in this blog. Any user of my blog have to trust his or her own judgment along the route, not at least his or her ability to read maps.